Telling our Tales.

There are billions of people in the world just as there are billions of stones on the sea shore.

Telling our Tales.

However, each and everyone of us is unique and everyone has their own tale - which Northumbria People believe should be heard.

Celebrating Life Stories.

Whether you want to tell your own story, or have someone tell it for you.

Whether you want it told in the midst of a great family celebration or quietly with only a few around.

Whether you want it heard at the beginning of someone's life, at a momentous time such as a partnership, major birthday or anniversary; or at the end - at a funeral or memorial.

Whether you just want your life story to be marked and remembered.

  • At an occasion
  • In a book
  • Online as part of a website - or standing alone

Whether you are standing up for a cause or simply something which just needs to be done.

When no-one is listening and you just want to be heard.

Northumbria People can help you.

Northumbria People can help your story have an impact on the world.


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